Digital Microvoltmeter (DMV-001-C2)

Digital Microvoltmeter (DMV-001-C2)
Product Description

Digital DC Microvoltmeter DMV-001-C2 is a very low drift  device which is a mutipurpose instrument for measuring low DC voltage. It has 3½ digital panel meter for better accuracy and reading. This devices uses a advance designed chopper for IC amplifier. It provides low offset and input bias parameters with excellent speed characteristics. This IC regulated device is provided to reduce the line pickups of 50hz. Available in different technical specifications, our Digital DC Microvoltmeter is offered to our customers in different technical specifications. This model comes with USB interface for connecting a computer and required software.


DC voltage measurements from high impedance sources; output of photomultiplier tubes, photocells, radiation detector etc.

This device has less voltage measurement, direct measurement of thermoÂœcouple output to read temperatures with a resolution of 1/40th of a degree (Chromel-Alumel).

Used in general purpose laboratory instrument for voltages upto 19.99V DC. (Hall Effect, Four Probe, Thermoluminescence, Transistor and Diode characteristics etc.



3½ digit, 7 segment LED with autopolarity and decimal indication

Computer Interface 


Power Supply

220V ±10%, 50Hz




245mm X 280mm X 120mm

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