NMR Experiment, NMR-01

NMR Experiment, NMR-01
Product Description

Looking to expand our business as per rising market demand, we are engaged as Exporter, Manufacturer & Supplier of NMR Experiment in Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India.

This equipment has following features:

  • Suitable for 1H and 11F nuclei
  • FET based marginal Oscillator
  • Digital Dispaly of frequency and current
  • Clear display of resonance peaks
  • Compatible with general purpose CRO

In our experiment the NMR signals of Hydrogen nuclei and Fluorine nuclei are detected. Both have only two possible orientations in reference to static magnetic field H since both have  proton spin I=1/2. The sample is placed in an r.f.coil located between the gap of homogeneous magnetic field H. In order to exactly match equation (3), H is modulated at constant frequency (50Hz in our case) by using two modulation coils. Each time when the matching (resonance) condition (Eq.3) is fulfilled, energy is absorbed from the r.f. coil due to the spin transition.

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